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NIMBUS® BLUEDRIVE® Coolant Circulation Systems work with all open and closed cooling systems. BLUEDRIVE systems are available independently and accommodate a wide variety of gallon per minute needs as well as specific job, location and building requirements. All BLUEDRIVE Coolant Circulation Systems help keep maintenance to a minimum. Every unit includes a NEMA 3R metal control enclosure which protects vital components from dust and moisture. Each unit also includes individual strainers for each pump to collect debris that could cause damage.

NIMBUS installs and provides complete cooling system engineering services to ensure seamless integration with each customer's operations.



Features & Benefits

  • Pre-Assembled Units minimize field assembly time and on-site labor expenses
  • Alternating Pump Operation and Automatic Switchover Controls ensure consistency and ease of operation
  • An Inline Water Strainer for Each Pump protects equipment from debris
  • Automatic Water Makeup Manifold maintains consistent water level
  • Air Scoops keep air out and increase quality of water flow
  • Bladder-Type Expansion Tank allows for expansion and contraction as water temperatures fluctuate
  • Wide Range of Pipe Sizes and Materials (copper, stainless steel or SCH40 steel) meet the needs of any application
  • Single or Dual Centrifugal Pumps are sized to accommodate most specifications
  • Grooved Coupling System keeps maintenance and system reconfiguration hassle-free
  • Optional Emergency City Water Fill and Drain Manifolds integrate with city water systems


   All BLUEDRIVE systems are designed, engineered, tested, and built by NIMBUS® Advanced Process Cooling in the USA.


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