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NIMBUS® Be Blue Calculator

Discover your potential to BE BLUE. This calculator estimates your water use and what you could save using VIRGA III's hybrid adiabatic cooling technology over traditional fluid cooling towers. Complete the fields below to see how you can help protect our most precious resource while optimizing your cooling and reducing your costs.

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By switching to our hybrid adiabatic cooling technology, based on your location and tons of cooling you need.


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Based on gallons saved compared to a traditional cooling tower.


Drinking Water Saved Annually:

Based on the recommended daily intake of eight 8 oz. glasses of water, your decision to employ hybrid adiabatic cooling technology would provide drinking water to sustain the following:

People for

Water cooled to:
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Please note: Actual savings may vary based upon your usage and location.
The savings and results listed in this calculator are based on an average rate and are for demonstration purposes only.

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