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It doesn't take an ocean to deliver efficient and effective cooling solutions, but a responsible cooling solution could save an ocean's worth of water. NIMBUS® Advanced Process Cooling is dedicated to providing smart cooling solutions to facilities and operations ready to BE BLUE by reducing water consumption and protecting the world's most precious resource. NIMBUS' cooling systems only introduce a conservative amount of fresh water into the cooling process when necessary, and eliminate the need for chemically treated water, costly maintenance programs, and the health risks associated with standing water, including Legionnaires' disease. The water we have now is all that has ever been and all that will ever be. Let's use it wisely.

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Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling

Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling

VIRGA X3® and VIRGA III® by NIMBUS are hybrid adiabatic cooling systems born out of years of research, development, rigorous testing, and innovative engineering. NIMBUS' VIRGA cooling technology operates on a fully closed coolant path and help facilities cross the divide between traditional fluid and dry air coolers to eliminate seasonal freezing and overheating problems while preserving water, health, and energy. Every VIRGA hybrid adiabatic cooling system is manufactured in the USA and custom-engineered for the specific customer and cooling application.

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Custom Controls

Custom Controls

VIRGA III®, VIRGA X3®, and BOREAS® V-Series cooling systems feature custom-built UL 508A C/US Listed Control Panels that offer a range of features and options. VIRGA III®, VIRGA X3®, and BOREAS® V-Series units outfitted with EC (Electronically Commutated) fans come standard with PLC controllers. Units outfitted with AC (NEMA) fans include digital controls as standard with PLC controls and VFD, or no controls available as option. NIMBUS’ Smart Spray System provides spray staging and fan modulation control to deliver unparalleled water and energy conservation.

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Be Blue – It's The Right Thing To Do. For The Earth, For Your Business, For You.
Approximately 400 billion gallons of water are used in the United States per day.


If the entire world's water fit into a 4 liter jug, the fresh water available would equal about one tablespoon.


A person can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water.


There is the same amount of water on Earth now as there was millions of years ago.


Thirty-six states are anticipating water shortages by 2016.


The World Bank predicts by 2025, two-thirds of the global population will run short of fresh drinking water.
2% of the planet's water is fresh. 1.6% is locked in polar ice caps and glaciers. Leaving the world with .4% to survive on.
Water has become a highly precious resource. In some places a barrel of water costs more than a barrel of oil.

– Lloyd Axworthy, Foreign Minister of Canada

1 in 6 gallons of water leak from utility pipes before reaching customers in the U.S.
The average American uses 100 gallons of water everyday.
About 6,800 gallons of water is required to grow a day's food for a family of four.


The number of people living in water-stressed countries is projected to climb from 470 million to three billion by 2050.
World population has doubled since 1950. Our water consumption has increased six-fold.

– WaterAid

"If there is magic in this land, it is contained in water."

– Loran Bisley

"Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans."

– Jacques-Yves Cousteau

"All the water that will ever be is, right now."

– National Geographic

"Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes - one for peace and one for science."

– John F. Kennedy

"The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives."

– Native American Proverb

"The wars of the twenty-first century will be fought over water."

– Ismail Serageldin

"We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one."

– Jacques Cousteau

"We need a new global culture that finds the existence of millions of thirsty people thoroughly and immediately unacceptable."

– Jean-Michel Cousteau

"Water is the driving force of all nature."

– Leonardo da Vinci

The U.S. houses 5% of the world's population, but uses 23% of the world's energy.
Combined annual energy costs for U.S. commercial buildings and industrial facilities is $400 billion.

– U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Program

130 Industrial plants certified as ENERGY STAR have a cumulative cost savings of more than $3.5 billion.
World electricity demand is expected to double between 2000 and 2030.

– Worldwatch Institute

Approximately 30% of energy used in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily.
If a person yelled for 8 years, 7 months, and 6 days, he would produce enough energy to heat one cup of coffee.
"The cheapest energy is the energy you don't use in the first place."

– Sheryl Crow

An estimated 8,000 to 18,000 people need care in a hospital due to Legionnaires' disease each year in the United States.
Thousands of Legionnaire's disease cases could be avoided annually by eliminating standing water in cooling towers.
Each year, 3.6 million people die from water-related diseases.
A child dies from water-related diseases every 15 seconds.

– WaterAid

"Pioneering spirit should continue, not to conquer the planet or space...but rather to improve the quality of life."

– Bertrand Piccard

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