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Advancing The Process Of Cooling

Peak industrial cooling performance is critical for optimizing throughput. Marketplace demands grow and more regulatory compliance requirements emerge, but a practical, rugged, and efficient cooling solution to maintain production schedules and support expansion is paramount. NIMBUS is a research and development group focused on manufacturing advanced process cooling systems.

Your Needs, Our Promise

NIMBUS provides practical cooling solutions and superior service allowing our customers to maintain a competitive edge in their markets by keeping water costs, energy cost and health risks at a minimum.

About Us

NIMBUS® Advanced Process Cooling is the cooling systems and solutions research, development, and manufacturing division of EMSCO, Inc., An Inductotherm Group Company with a history of providing service to the induction melting industry for over 40 years. NIMBUS Advanced Process Cooling manufactures VIRGA X3® and VIRGA III® hybrid adiabatic cooling systems, and BOREAS® V-Series Dry Cooling Systems in the U.S.A..

A Blue Way To Cool

NIMBUS Advanced Process Cooling is dedicated to providing the most efficient, natural, and sustainable cooling technology available today. Among the numerous environmental and economical benefits, a cooling solution from NIMBUS achieves the following:

Made In The USA

While researching and testing various types of heat rejection systems in metal melting environments, hybrid adiabatic technology emerged as a viable, but under utilized approach to cooling domestically. Adiabatic cooling systems are widely utilized in Europe as a result of regulation, and are one of the few instances in which regulation gave way to a more economical and efficient technology. In the United States, the technology is seen as progressive and has not completely been universally applied. Hybrid adiabatic technology provides several of the benefits typically associated with dry air and fluid cooling systems, while eliminating the maintenance, legionella risks, voluminous water consumption, and seasonal freezing typical of traditional fluid cooling systems. Since the systems fans cycle on and off in stages, energy consumption is reduced when compared to dry air coolers. Additionally, during the hottest months of the year, this technology applies a fine mist of water to the air as it enters the cooling system to provide additional cooling capacity and reduce the risk of seasonal overheating.

Born In The Hottest Environments

The NIMBUS team extended its engineering problem solving skills to EMSCO so they could begin offering HyprCool cooling systems—the adiabatic cooling systems manufactured by NIMBUS for EMSCO—beyond EMSCO's induction melting customers to all businesses that use an induction heating supply in its process.

After manufacturing exclusively for EMSCO and its induction melting customers, NIMBUS launched its own hybrid adiabatic cooling system – the VIRGA III. While the HyprCool is manufactured exclusively for induction-based operations, the VIRGA III is sold to all other markets including industrial and public facility applications.


The Worth of Water

The water we use today has always been here. The water molecules existing within our modern world may have once been used to hydrate a stegosaurus, or maybe they fell from the cheek of a teary-eyed Mary Todd Lincoln. Perhaps they were vital in extinguishing the Great Chicago Fire or the iceberg culprit that pushed the Titanic to the bottom of the Atlantic.

Whether these water molecules were once morning dew on fresh spearmint or sweat rolling down the face of Elvis Presley, the point is the water we have now is all that has ever been and all that will ever be. Let's use it wisely. Be Blue.

The Be Blue Philosophy

In addition to providing custom and effective cooling solutions for any industry, NIMBUS addresses environmental sustainability issues with its products and services. Be Blue is NIMBUS' conservation call to action. Be Blue is used promotionally, but also serves as a rallying cry for industries to conserve and preserve a resource we all agree is precious. A natural extension of the Go Green lexicon, Be Blue represents the NIMBUS philosophy of providing alternative, practical, and economical cooling solutions that reduce energy consumption and only employ water in the cooling process when necessary.


NIMBUS designs complete cooling systems, and manufactures proprietary PLC system controls, as well as ancillary components such as coolant circulation systems and filtration systems.


NIMBUS manufactures each cooling system at its production facility in Alabama for the specific customer and application.


Additionally, NIMBUS oversees every installation and provides service and support for the life of every system they produce.


NIMBUS also provides service and support for cooling systems from any manufacturer.

Now Custom Built In The USA

The Worth of Water

This cooling technology, which has yielded lower operating costs in Europe and has a lower capital investment than the systems that pose a greater risk to health and the environment, is now custom manufactured in the heart of Alabama, USA.