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Filter Systems Overview

Water quality is especially important for those using city water or an open cooling system. To optimize water cooling, NIMBUS® custom designs and manufactures water filter systems best suited for each customer and their specific application. Each system is capable of removing all non-dissolved solids down to 50 microns.

Filter System Options

Bag-type Filter Systems

This system features either an audible alarm system to indicate when to change the filter bag or a manual system using differential liquid filled pressure gauges.

Centrifugal Filter Systems

This system offers either an automatic programmable or manual blow-down or bleed system to remove dirt from the filter system without taking it out of service.

Automated Bag-type Filter Systems

Whenever it is necessary to change bags, these systems are designed to switch automatically from one filter system to another standby filter system. An alarm is activated notifying the user to change the filter bag in the off-line filter. The filtration of water in the cooling system is never interrupted when changing filter bags or under maintenance.


Virga III Control Panel

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