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Controls Overview

NIMBUS’ VIRGA III®, VIRGA X3®, and BOREAS® V-Series cooling systems feature custom-built UL 508A C/US Listed Control Panels installed either directly on the cooling system or remotely. Controls installed directly on the cooling system are fully contained, requiring only the primary power connection on site. NIMBUS’ cooling systems feature Type 3R-rated enclosures as standard, with Type 4 and Type 4X available as options.

VIRGA III, VIRGA X3, and BOREAS V-Series units outfitted with EC (Electronically Commutated) fans come standard with PLC controllers. Units outfitted with AC (NEMA) fans include digital controls as standard with PLC controls and VFD, or no controls available as options. Standard EC fan packages and AC fan packages upgraded with VFD and PLC controls provide fan speed modulation, while standard AC fan packages with digital controls feature “on/off” fan staging.

All NIMBUS cooling systems arrive at the installation site pre-programmed to the customer’s specifications with the leaving fluid temperature sensors installed and wired. Users can adjust the set point to the desired leaving fluid temperature.


Smart Spray System

NIMBUS® Advanced Process Cooling's Smart Spray System provides spray staging and fan modulation control to deliver unparalleled water and energy conservation, and advanced adiabatic cooling system management. 

Smart Spray System provides the following key benefits to NIMBUS' VIRGA hybrid adiabatic cooling systems:

  • Enhanced water management allows for greater water conservation. Fan modulation feature (active while spray is engaged) reduces energy consumption – minimizing overall operational cost.
  • Active Control System uses outdoor air temperature and relative humidity sensors to enable your VIRGA cooling system to quickly react to changes in outdoor air conditions, process fluid temperature, or heat load with precision.
  • Cold Weather Advisory feature notifies you when it is time to perform pre-winter maintenance on your VIRGA cooling system.
  • Humidity Sensing feature prevents the adiabatic spray from engaging when ambient air humidity is near saturation to prevent inefficient water use and minimize water on the ground.
  • Ultimately, NIMBUS' Smart Spray System enables your VIRGA cooling system to smoothly achieve steady-state conditions quicker than ever before. NIMBUS' Smart Spray System minimizes fluctuations in process fluid temperature – reducing fan and spray cycles.


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