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EC or AC? Selecting the Best Fan for Your Cooling System

NIMBUS® Advanced Process Cooling provides leading cooling solutions engineered to enhance efficiency and withstand years in the field. Our VIRGA III® and VIRGA X3® hybrid adiabatic cooling systems, and BOREAS® V-Series dry cooling systems feature 304SS frame construction and little to no maintenance requirements. VIRGA hybrid adiabatic cooling systems feature phenolic epoxy-coated aluminum fins, do not require a sump or spray pumps, reduce water consumption up to 95% compared to traditional open evaporative towers, and eliminate one of the primary breeding grounds for Legionella bacteria, while BOREAS V-series dry cooling systems do not consume any water.

NIMBUS offers two general types of fans for VIRGA hybrid adiabatic cooling systems and BOREAS V-Series dry cooling systems: EC (Electronically Commutated) and AC (NEMA) fans. AC fans have been in use on cooling systems of all types for decades, whereas EC fans have emerged as a new technology in recent years.

EC Fan Standard Features:

  • Intrinsically Lower Noise
  • Variable Speed Operation
  •  Increased Energy Savings & Efficiency 
  • PLC Controller

AC Fan Standard Features:  

  • Premium Efficiency Direct Drive
  • Fixed Speed
  • Economical Solution
  • Digital Controller
  • Staged Fan Operation

AC Fan Options:

  • Lower Noise Fans
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • PLC Controller, Or No Controller

When selecting between EC and AC fans for your cooling system, it is important to consider the requirements your cooling solution must meet. If your cooling requirements call for a simple and economical cooling system, then AC fans with a standard package is a perfect solution. However, if noise reduction and energy efficiency are major concerns, then a cooling system with EC fans may likely be a more economical solution than AC fans with lower noise and VFD options. Additional options for both EC and AC fans are available and include: air debris screens, hail guards, and premium high edge build e-coating that protects from corrosion in highly abrasive environments that will cause premature wear on coils.

Contact your NIMBUS Sales Representative or call 844.NIMBUS.3 to identify the best cooling solution for your specific needs.


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