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The hybrid adiabatic cooling technology used by VIRGA III® and VIRGA X3 systems was born in Europe in response to widespread regulations aimed at preventing the spread of Legionnaires' disease by replacing traditional evaporative cooling systems, one of the most common breeding grounds for Legionella.

VIRGA III & VIRGA X3 hybrid adiabatic cooling systems eliminate standing water in favor of a fully closed coolant path, and the intermittent use of fresh water to augment the system's cooling capacity only on the hottest days of the year.

The VIRGA hybrid adiabatic cooling system releases a fine water spray into the air prior to the air being pulled over the copper cooling tubes – lowering the air temperature and increasing the heat rejection capacity of the unit. The control system cycles individual fans as process water temperature dictates, and ultimately activates the fine spray of water when required. During the colder months, water spray activation is not required and the unit operates as a dry air cooler — eliminating sump freezing and dangerous ice buildup common with traditional fluid coolers.

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Now Custom Built In The USA

Hybrid adiabatic cooling technology, which has yielded lower operating costs in Europe and has a lower capital investment than the systems that pose a greater risk to health and the environment, is now custom manufactured in the heart of Alabama, USA.

Advance Your Cooling

VIRGA III and VIRGA X3 hybrid adiabatic cooling systems provide efficient, natural, and sustainable cooling technology for virtually any application. VIRGA III and VIRGA X3 yield numerous environmental and economical benefits, including:

  • Significantly conserves water vs. traditional cooling systems
  • Eliminates Legionella and bacterial risks
  • Reduces chemical use and disposal
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Quick installation
  • No water collection pool to clean – ever
  • Engineered to last
  • Stainless steel and copper construction
  • Reduced footprint compared to traditional dry coolers
  • Corrosion-Resistant Copper Tubing

Virga III Fan

Virga III Control Panel

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Ongoing Benefits

Save Water, Save Health, Save Energy. Be Blue. VIRGA III and VIRGA X3 hybrid adiabatic cooling systems reduce average water consumption up to 95% in some applications and eliminate the primary breeding ground for the bacteria which leads to no fewer than 50,000 cases of Legionnaires' disease annually. The fans on the VIRGA systmes turn on in stages and are outfitted with NEMA Premium® energy efficiency motors and are in compliance with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The VIRGA III and VIRGA X3 are constructed with stainless steel frames and copper coils to provide longevity, and a reduced footprint saves the space a conventional dry-air cooler would consume. Since the hybrid adiabatic technology used by VIRGA systems does not require a reservoir of standing water to cool, the costly maintenance and dangerous sump freezing associated with traditional fluid coolers are eliminated.

Virga III Cooling Systems Yield
Conservation Benefits In These Key Areas

Conserves Water

In an actual installation in Michigan, the installed VIRGA III will use 434,041 gallons per year. By contrast, a closed circuit fluid cooler with similar specs would have consumed 3,351,974 gallons per year.*

“When the well's dry,
we know the worth of water.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Conserves Energy

In an actual installation in Michigan, the installed VIRGA III will use 122,543 kilowatt hours per year. By contrast, a dry air cooler with similar cooling specs would have consumed 283,833 kilowatt hours per year.*

“There is none, which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Conserves Health

The VIRGA III's hybrid adiabatic technology eliminates the standing water found in evaporative cooling towers, which is one of the primary breeding grounds for Legionella pneumophila – the bacteria which leads to no fewer than 50,000 cases of Legionnaires' disease annually in the United States.

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

– Winston Churchill

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