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NIMBUS Advanced Process Cooling's solutions have helped customers from all types of industries BE BLUE. The Case Studies provided below are just a small sampling of how NIMBUS is enhancing cooling.

If you have any questions, or want to learn how NIMBUS and hybrid adiabatic cooling will work for your specific application, please call us today at 844.NIMBUS.3

Advancing the Process of Cooling

With melting furnaces reaching several thousand degrees, foundries are some of the hottest manufacturing facilities in the world. Early on, the NIMBUS team was approached by a well-established, forward-thinking foundry to help cool it's process. Download this case study PDF file to learn more.

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Enhancing HVACR Safety in Alabama

In the Southeast United States, summertime working conditions can become nearly intolerable when factory and warehouse staff are faced with high temperatures and high humidity. One Alabama company recently renovated and expanded their facility, and decided to install air conditioning in the shop area to enhance employee comfort. Download this case study PDF file to learn more.

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