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NIMBUS provides practical cooling solutions and superior service allowing our customers to maintain a competitive edge in their markets by keeping water costs, energy costs and health risks at a minimum.

The benefits of NIMBUS' blue cooling technologies provide solutions to virtually all types of operations and facilities, here is a look at the benefits NIMBUS and the VIRGA III® provide to a few select applications:

Public Facilities

Generally near residential areas, sound control, health and energy saving benefits are important features for cooling systems in public facilities.

In facilities with high population density such as hospitals, schools, retail stores and transportation centers, it is imperative to prevent the spread of fatal disease and other infectious bacteria. Since The VIRGA III® adiabatic system does not collect water at its base, it eliminates risk of Legionella pneumophila - the bacteria that leads to no fewer than 50,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease annually in the United States.

In typical cooling systems the sound energy generated by the impact of falling water, moving fan blades and the vibration of the structure and motors often creates noise pollution to nearby communities. By using a low average fan speed and reducing starts and stops, the VIRGA III decreases sound profile and fan system maintenance.

Public facilities in warmer climate and drought areas need to be conscious of water usage. NIMBUS® hybrid adiabatic systems saves more than 80% on water compared to fluid cooling towers. Occupying a small footprint, the VIRGA III saves water, eliminates Legionella risk, conserves energy, decreases sound profile and cuts operating costs for a wide range of public facilities including:

  • Public/Private Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care
  • Casinos
  • Airports/Transportation Hubs
  • Shopping Centers
  • High Rise Towers
  • Retail
  • Correctional Facilities


Virga III Control Panel

Industrial Processes and Facilities

The VIRGA III hybrid adiabatic cooling systems remove heat from various sources such as machinery or heated process material for a variety of industries including food processing, automotive, chemical processing, thermoplastics and other manufacturing applications.


Industrial HVACR systems produce extreme heat that needs to be dissipated to keep prevent over heating and failure. Cooling systems reject this unwanted heat produced by the energy needed to drive the chiller’s compressor. Cooling systems are also essential in HVACR systems with multiple water source heat pumps sharing closed-circuit tubing. The VIRGA III is a closed-circuit cooling system that conserves energy with large fans that only turn on in stages and only run when required to maintain the desired operating fluid temperature. This system only operates when necessary and consumes considerably less energy than fluid or dry air cooling systems that run continuously.


Virga III Control Panel

Data Farms

Large data processing and storage centers require immense amounts of water to cool today's high-density cloud computing server farms. On an annual basis, the VIRGA III® saves more than 80% on water compared to traditional fluid cooling systems.

Metal Melting Facilities/Induction Heat

American Foundries served as the testing ground for VIRGA III hybrid adiabatic cooling systems and our custom-engineered pump modules. Producing extreme heat, cooling towers are essential for induction melting furnaces to operate efficiently. Without proper cooling furnaces and melting equipment are damaged, endangering workers and the foundry. Our advanced process cooling solutions consistently delivered the cooling required to keep these facilities safe and operational throughout our years of testing and beyond. Learn more about process cooling for metal melting facilities at


Virga III Control Panel

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